【Read Me / 目次】 ~For the first time visitters / はじめにお読み下さい~ 

【Under construction…… / 工事中…… 】

This article is showing the information of my blog.
The main contents especially the newest artworks start under this post.


1.About this blog / このブログについて

2.Profile / プロフィール

3.Prize-winning work / 受賞歴

4.Digest (The evaluated photo poetry in the past) / ダイジェスト(過去の高評価作品)

This is the very high light of the photo poetry artworks.
Please check them out if you want to know "What kind of artworks does Shun Tsujimoto make?".

5.Policies / このブログのポリシー

6.【10th year's anniversery / ブログ開設10周年記念企画】How to make a attractive photo poetry artworks / 魅力的な写真詩の作り方講座 (Coming soon...)

7.About link / リンクについて

8.Contact or request for taking photos / お問い合わせ・撮影依頼について

9.For the publishers / 出版関係の方々へ

Thank you very much for your reading this article.
Please continue to enjoy watching in the world of photo poetry by Shun Tsujimoto.


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